Commodity Finance


  • Commodity Finance offers financing services to Commodity Sellers and Off-takers requiring prepayments. This scheme covers financing for all major types of commodities and answers financing needs for plant construction, lump sum working capital and many more.
  • One such example is illustrated below. For potential off-takers, this scheme offers opportunity to lock in long term commodity off-takes. For potential sellers, this scheme offers the opportunity to receive an upfront lump-sum prepayment and the opportunity to repay through commodity sales.


Commodity Financee

Product Variation

  • Oil, Natural gas, Coal
  • Chemicals, Petrochemicals
  • Metals, Non-metals
  • Agricultural products
  • Soft commodities

Recent Deals

  • Commodity Finance to a Petrochemical Company
  • Commodity Finance to a Grain Commercialization Company
  • Commodity Finance to a Rice Milling Company

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