• MGL provides both Finance Leases and Operating Leases.
  • Finance Leases provide customers with opportunity to reduce substantial initial costs when purchasing assets. Through this structure, we purchase equipments on behalf of customers, and lease them to such clients. During the lease period, customers repay through pre-determined installments, which will include the cost of assets, interest, various taxes, and insurance premiums.
  • Operating lease is a lease with a balloon payment (residual value) at the end of the lease term. Such residual value is determined by assessing the future used value of the equipment. By allocating such residual value, customers are able to reduce the total leasing fees paid during the term of the lease.



Product Variation

  • Information systems / equipments
  • Industrial / Civil construction machinery
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Medical equipments
  • Real estate

Recent Deals

  • Numerous Leases in the Japanese Domestic Market

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