• We provide cross-border loans to customers who require funds for general corporate purposes, working capital, capital expenditures, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, or any other needs.
  • We can consider loan sizes of USD 1m to USD 150m and above, by arranging financing independently, or through club deals, and syndications.
  • Through discussions with our clients, we will seek the best terms (interest rates, tenors, collateral, etc) to match each clients' requirements.



Product Variation

  • Various corporate customers

Recent Deals

  • Corporate Loan to an Electricity Provider
  • Corporate Loan to an Oil Rig Leasing Company
  • Loan Facility to an Aircraft Leasing Company / Aircraft Engine Leasing Company
  • Finance to a Shipping Company
  • Loan Facility to Oil, Gas Companies
  • Loan Facility to a Rail-Car Leasing Company
  • Conduit Finance to an Auto Loan Company

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