Project Finance


  • MGL provides project financing (non-recourse loans), which is secured by the project's assets and revenue, and repaid entirely from the project cash-flow.
  • Generally, a special purpose company ("SPC") is created for each project, thereby shielding other assets owned by the project sponsor, from the effects of a project failure.
  • From 2008, MG Leasing has been strengthening its position as a financing company specializing in environmental projects, and have experience in structuring small to mid-scaled project financing.
  • MG Leasing has worked and will work with, various institutions, international organizations and local banks to provide joint financing or syndication loans, and has the ability to bring in other co-investors.


Project Finance

Product Variation

  • Renewable energy (Biomass, Biogas, Hydro, Solar, Wind etc.), Water treatment
  • Coal-fired / Gas-fired power plants
  • Industrial plants / Chemical plants
  • Coal / Metal mining

Recent Deals

  • Project Financing for Biomass / Biogas Project
  • Project Financing for a Solar Power Plant
  • Project Financing for a Land Fill Gas Project
  • Project Financing for a Mini-Hydro Project

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