Ship / Aircraft Finance


  • Ship Finance : MGL provides various ship financings tailored to meet the needs of shipping companies and customers. We provide financings for various ships / carriers, including new and used, from bulk carriers, chemical tankers, vehicle carriers to container ships.
  • Aircraft Finance : MGL has the ability to provide financings for aircrafts, aircraft engines, and rotatable parts for airlines and aircraft leasing companies across the world.
  • In both cases, MGL can consider financings through Lease, Installment Sales, or by providing Loan Facilities to customers, and can advise the optimum scheme depending on the requirements for each transaction.


Example of a Ship Finance Scheme

Ship / Aircraft Finance

Product Variation

  • Various Ships (Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, etc.)

  • Various Aircrafts, Aircraft engines, Rotatable parts

Recent Deals

  • Ship Financings to International Shipping Companies
  • Ship Finance for a Bulk Carrier
  • Financing for Aircraft Rotatable Parts

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