Worldwide Track Record


  • Asset Backed Financing; Cattles, Baby Eels as Underlying Assets
  • Project Financing for a Solar Power Plant
  • Operating Lease of a Small Power Generation Plant
  • Operating Lease of Real Estates
  • Financing Lease of Various Products, Machineries and Equipment
  • Factoring of Account Receivables
  • Installment Sales of Various Products, Machineries and Equipment

South East Asia

  • Cross-Border Financing for a Tunnel Boring Machine
  • Commodity Finance to a Rice Milling Company
  • Project Financing for Biomass / Biogas Projects
  • Project Financing for a Mini-Hydro Project
  • Project Financing for a Coal Fired Power Plant Project
  • Loan Facility to an Auto-Finance / Heavy Equipment Financing Company
  • Loan Facility to a Rubber Manufacturer
  • Loan Facility to an Electricity Provider / Oil, Gas Companies
  • Loan Facility to an Aircraft Leasing Company / Aircraft Engine Leasing Company

China / North Asia

  • Financing for Wheat Export
  • Trade Financing for Cashmere
  • Hire Purchase for Knitting Machines
  • Project Financing for a Land Fill Gas Project
  • Factoring of NEXI-Guaranteed Receivables

Central / South Asia

  • Risk Participation to a Bank Loan
  • Export-related Trade Finance


  • Loan Facility to a Rail-Car Leasing Company

Latin America

  • Commodity Finance to a Petrochemical Company
  • Loan Facility / Installment Sales to a Wood-Chip Manufacturer
  • Commodity Finance to a Grain Commercialization Company
  • Guarantees for Machinery Receivables
  • Loan Facility to a Commercial Car Dealer

North America

  • Conduit Finance to an Auto Loan Company
  • Sale and Hire Purchase Back to a Car Rental Company
  • Loan Facility to an Aircraft Leasing Company
  • Financing for Commodity Procurement

Europe / Russia

  • Financing for Truck Sales
  • Ship Finance to an International Shipping Company
  • Loan Facility to an Oil Rig Leasing Company
  • Guarantees for Rubber Receivables



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Worldwide Track Record

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